The TITUS Hedgehog Principle

The TITUS Hedgehog Principle (See also, Jim Collins book, “Good to Great”) is:

Profitable renewable utilities are not only possible, they need to be mandatory.

If renewable utilities are not profitable then the utility will be forced to go to the:

  • Government and ask for grants or subsidies, ultimately leading to tax increases.
  • Government or utility regulator and ask for a rate increase, costing the end user more.

At TITUS we believe the greatest driver to long term sustainability is the utility’s financial business model.

Our financial model has demanded that we find ways to minimize energy (thermal and electric) and water supply (Demand Side Management), to reuse energy and water, and only provide what is required, when it is required at the quality or temperature it is required (Fitness for Purpose). anything more is wasteful, and waste costs money.

By applying these principles, we arrived at an integrated district energy and water sharing system with the potential to reduce utility costs by over 40%.

Other innovations TITUS brings to the table include:

  • TITUS Eco Finance Services: TITUS can provide up to 100% of the capital required for your project or development, after our development partner(s) (municipality, developers, utilities) contributes 20%. (See TITUS Eco Finance Services)
  • TITUS Community Development Services: TITUS has developed a suite of products and services to ensure the successful development of new projects and communities. (See TITUS Community Development Services)

About Erik Lindquist

Erik is the founder of TITUS Infrastructure Services Limited and over the last seven years he has been responsible for the development of several patent pending technical innovations in the area of integrated district energy and water recovery utilities. These advances have reduced: community energy supply requirements by 60%, water supply requirements by 40%, the capital and operating costs of green infrastructure by more than 30%, and the greenhouse gas emissions by over 70%. Erik established TITUS to commercialize these technologies by integrating them with practical business and financial models that makes the renewable utilities profitable. Combined with a sincere passion to partner with his clients and members of the delivery team, Erik’s focus is building renewable utilities that benefit all stakeholders.
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