Making Positive Climate Change is as Easy as Lego

TITUS has developed a Turnkey Integrated Resource Management (TIRM) Platform for its municipal, utility, and developer clients.  The TITUS TIRM Platform provides its clients with modular, integrated, renewable utility services that are simple, fast and cost effective for our clients to deploy.

TITUS has found that the more you modularize infrastructure the more you are able to repurpose and reuse resources that were otherwise wasted.  Once you give waste a purpose, you create value and reduce cost.  These two drivers can make renewable infrastructure more cost effective than conventional infrastructure.  This allows TITUS to recover, repurpose and resell resources that were otherwise wasted within a community, accelerating the payback on renewable utilities, making them more profitable sooner than conventional utilities.

Thirdly, because the infrastructure is modular:

  • The infrastructure is more disaster resilient;
  • Financial models can be built to match investment to cash flow;
  • Modules can be deployed as the development grows or retrofit expands;
  • Modules can be redeployed if demand drops or new technologies evolve;
  • Projected changes in demand can be matched before the change happen.

This represent a just-in-time approach to infrastructure and renewable utilities, that has long since been used in the manufacturing industry to meet changing demands and respond quickly to advancing technologies while reducing costs and improving quality.  TITUS is now using these principles to enable communities to rapidly and cost effectively deploy and scale out modular renewable infrastructure and experience the benefits right away.

The TITUS TIRM platform works like Lego for infrastructure and communities, allowing us to deploy what we need, where we need it, at the size we need it to be at that moment in time. Space efficient, cost efficient and time efficient.  In addition the TITUS TIRM platform creates a platform for new technologies to be plugged-in as they become available and for replaced technologies to be repurposed. This allows TITUS to match the capital to the specific needs of the community and reduce the overall costs over time.

More importantly, the TITUS TIRM platform provides communities with a solution to retrofitting neighbourhoods with renewable energy and water reclamation solutions that meet the needs of the local community or subdivision.  Each module can be built off site and dropped into place where and when we need it, best of all they can be placed in boulevards, parkades, under football fields, etc.  This allows communities to rapidly retrofit their existing neighbourhoods with more renewable infrastructure, while blending into the neighbourhood.

By interconnecting modules a grid can be developed which will improve the reliability and resiliency of the utility, helping to ensure utility services can always be delivered to where it is needed, when it is needed.  Grids by their nature are also modular and allow new service to be added as required. Modules that enables buildings to run more efficiently are distributed by building or block.  Modules that can help one or more grid zones work more efficiently are distributed so as to optimize the operation of the network.

Today the optimum economic deployment seems to be on a 2-4 block square, to allow for ease of reuse of energy, water, and other resources while having a meaningful impact on the existing upstream and downstream utility infrastructure.

Finally, just like Lego, when a new innovation is made the new innovations can be “snapped” into place, the replaced modules can be unplugged and repurposed to new projects.  This makes for a much simpler scale and lower cost to the innovators.   It also reduces the risk to the community and accelerates the deployment of renewable infrastructure into the community while decreasing the overall cost.


TITUS works with manufacturers to modularized every component of the infrastructure down to the size of a shipping container.  This helps reduce the supply requirements and enables the right sizing of the just-in-time capability of modular systems – just like Lego.

One can argue that no two communities have the same needs; however a modular approach allows for a dynamic approach to develop the most efficient and cost effective solution that benefits the whole community.

TITUS is always looking for new suppliers to provide even more flexible solutions for our clients.

If you have a renewable technology that is or could be modularized down to the size of a shipping container – lets talk.

About Erik Lindquist

Erik is the founder of TITUS Infrastructure Services Limited and over the last seven years he has been responsible for the development of several patent pending technical innovations in the area of integrated district energy and water recovery utilities. These advances have reduced: community energy supply requirements by 60%, water supply requirements by 40%, the capital and operating costs of green infrastructure by more than 30%, and the greenhouse gas emissions by over 70%. Erik established TITUS to commercialize these technologies by integrating them with practical business and financial models that makes the renewable utilities profitable. Combined with a sincere passion to partner with his clients and members of the delivery team, Erik’s focus is building renewable utilities that benefit all stakeholders.
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