Roadmap to Making Your Community Climate Smart

This week we looked at  how modular technologies can make it simple, fast and cost effective for our cities to deploy modular, renewable infrastructure and make a positive change for the environment.

This Week we looked at:

Next Week

Next week we will look at the benefits of specific modular technologies:

  •  Water reclamation and reuse
  • Energy Transfer
  • Gasification and Power Generation
  • Battery Storage


Beginning in February

Beginning in February we will look at different strategies for integrating modular technologies and getting them to work together  to maximize the environmental benefit for your community.

In March

Beginning in March we will look at financial strategies and business models to deploy renewable infrastructure on a cash flow basis, avoiding huge tax burdens for your tax payers.

About Erik Lindquist

Erik is the founder of TITUS Infrastructure Services Limited and over the last seven years he has been responsible for the development of several patent pending technical innovations in the area of integrated district energy and water recovery utilities. These advances have reduced: community energy supply requirements by 60%, water supply requirements by 40%, the capital and operating costs of green infrastructure by more than 30%, and the greenhouse gas emissions by over 70%. Erik established TITUS to commercialize these technologies by integrating them with practical business and financial models that makes the renewable utilities profitable. Combined with a sincere passion to partner with his clients and members of the delivery team, Erik’s focus is building renewable utilities that benefit all stakeholders.
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