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 Senior Process Engineer

J201601 Job Opportunity(s):Sr. Process Engineer / Sr. Utility Engineer
  Closing Date/Time:As roles and needs filled.
  Salary:Commensurate upon experience
  Job Type:Full time
  Location:The role(s) will be based out of Victoria, BC with travel to our manufacturing facility and client sites around the world.

Please note:
Although TITUS has an office in the UK, new hires will work out of our head office in Victoria, BC, Canada, until they are ready to lead the UK office, or continue to lead Head Office.

TITUS will subsidize relocation expenses for qualified candidates including transferring professional designations and immigration requirements.


Reporting directly to Executive Management, this role is responsible for:

  • Leading the design and deployment of innovation within TITUS Gasification and related business units
  • Maintaining the strategic focus of TITUS Gasification within the larger TITUS Infrastructure business, including frequent interaction with the client to ensure a balance between the immediate project needs and the long term goals of the company
  • Ongoing design and development of efficient technical solutions that will deliver improvements to the design of various energy (thermal and electric), energy from waste, and reclaimed water related projects as required.
  • Managing the execution of the project with a focus on maintaining or improving the as-sold profit level for the project
  • Carry out site surveys to identify the client’s needs and requirements, making and overseeing recommendations back to manufacturing as necessary.
  • Keep abreast of changing technology, to introduce design improvements, new methods and provide technical guidance.


TITUS Gasification is looking for:

  • Highly motivated professionals who can maximize the value of TITUS modular gasification systems through design improvements, syngas and condensate refinement and/or power generation improvements
  • Professionals who can provide technical expertise in process engineering, particularly in relation to Energy Generation from advanced digestion and thermal treatment processes, syngas and condensate refinement
  • Extensive knowledge of Energy from Waste incineration/gasification/AD Process Systems, including solids handling, condenser operation, particulate filtration, and condensate and syngas refinement
  • Experience in the design, installation, commissioning and overall management of process and automation systems
  • Extensive knowledge in the maintenance of heavy diesel generators, stationary boilers, high voltage electrical generation/transmission equipment and related support and auxiliary systems
  • Proven track record in the management of projects against the schedule, budget & phase review objectives
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the customer & executive staff
  • Proven contract schedule development and negotiation experience


Conversant in as many of the following

  • Waste and biomass fuels analysis
  • Gasification and combustion systems
  • Reciprocating and turbine power generation systems
  • Boiler water systems
  • Boiler and flue gas treatment systems
  • Steam cycle in relation to piping systems, steam turbines and air/water cooled condensers
  • Process mass and energy balances
  • Material selection
  • PFD and P&ID production
  • Health and safety legislation
  • CAD/CAM techniques
  • Bulk and specialty gas systems
  • Toxic gas scrubbing / cleaning systems
  • Gas detection systems
  • District energy systems
  • Waste and effluent water treatment


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