What are the financial resources of TITUS Infrastructure Services Limited

Every project where TITUS secures the financing must meet normal lending criteria. This means that the lender(s) must have comfort that there is financial viability inherent in the project and that there is the revenue generated that will ensure repayment of the loan(s).

TITUS has a lender borrowing relationship with the second largest bank in the world and one of the top 5 merchant banks in the USA. Minimum deal size is typically $10 million, and there is no upper limit providing that there is a sound business case to support it or accompanying loan guarantees from government and/or relevant taxing authorities.

TITUS has committed to a teaming agreement with the largest construction company in Canada and as of the date of this writing is in the process of completing the agreement that involves this company and North America's foremost design, build, finance, and operate water reclamation companies.