Is TITUS trying to circumvent the public procurement process and not submitting in response to the RFQ?


TITUS is not trying to circumvent the CRD.  We are trying to bring the region much more than a sewage treatment plant, as currently envisaged by the CRD. In a nut shell, we are trying to turn the old Imperial Oil industrial site into a flagship sustainable mixed use (commercial, retail, residential and green industry) development site that:

1.    Uses private development dollars instead of tax dollars to build the facilities;

2.    Sizes the facilities to meet the needs of the community, to best match capital & operating costs to user fees;

3.    Allows the facilities to work together to reduce the overall total cost of ownership;

4.    Creates jobs locally;

5.    Creates local utility and commercial revenues;

6.    Creates local tax dollars;

7.    Reduce the impact on the tax payer.

These items have not even been contemplated by the CRD, as a means of turning an economic burden into an economic stimulus.

TITUS has offered to partner with the CRD, in keeping with their:

Regional Environmental Stewardship

Outcome Statement: In response to the need for regional sustainability, including responding to global climate change, we will increase collaboration with all levels ofgovernment, the public, and the private sector to protect ecosystem functions and
conserve natural resources.

However, the CRD has repeatedly tried to block similar development proposals at Westhills (2007), Capital City Centre (2012) and at Uptown (2010), and was not supportive of the Dockside Green facility.

We have also been told by legal counsel for one of our development partner prospects, that they will not entertain the notion of working underneath the CRD, due to the lack of proper public engagement by the CRD and the lack of transparency in their decision making processes.

So TITUS leaves it to the people of Greater Victoria to assess who is working in good faith.