What’s the treatment plant capacity proposed for McLoughlin and how much will it cost?


Subject to verifying the current and future CRD flows to McLoughlin Point, assuming 20-30 million gallons per day at $8 to $10 per gallon per day the water reclamation costs should not exceed $300million.  This is $482 million less than the current CRD projected costs, reducing costs to everyone and every level of government.  That is, based on the current Provincial/Federal contribution program, the region’s contribution for the water and energy reclamation facilities would only be $100million.

In addition, subject to final  mixed use development permit, if the balance of the mixed use development costs $300million the securitized cash flow should contribute  up to $25 million to the  region’s contribution, further reducing the tax burden, by only charging consumers for what they use.

If other industries are created on McLoughlin Point, then there are other revenue sources, that will help to further reduce the upfront capital cost of the water, energy and biosolids facilities.