London, England - TITUS Launches New European Head Quarters

Tue, 23.07.2013 - 19:26

TITUS Infrastructure Services (UK) Limited has been incorporated today to meet the growing demand for low carbon energy sharing systems in the International market.  Erik Lindquist, President of TITUS, remarked that “this inaugural step in the UK is the first part of our global expansion and strategy to make TITUS the dominant company in the world in low carbon footprint heat recovery and water reclamation systems. 

The TITUS DESS combines district energy (thermal & electric) with water reclamation technology is valid in both new construction and retrofit situations and delivers significant savings for developers, municipalities and consumers, while delivering a 60% reduction in community energy requirement, 40% reduction in potable water use and 80% reduction in GHG production in a mixed use community.”

TITUS Infrastructure Services (UK) Limited is partnering with a consortia of European companies to participate in major development and retrofit situations in the UK and continental Europe.

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