TITUS proposes new mechanism to help bring the best resource to the table to engage the community to ensure the Greater Victoria area selects the best sewage treatment technologies, the best financial model, the best revenue creation opportunities, and the best location to meet the region’s needs for sewage treatment.

Open Mechanism to Select Best Solution for Victoria Sewage Needs

TITUS is using a well proven financial model for creating successful retail and commercial centres and is also well proven when building power plants around the world. Whether you are trying to anchor a retail or commercial establishment, or even anchor a power plant; developing the lands around the anchor is a proven way of creating the short term cash flow to help pay down the costs of, in this case, the utility, and keep the utility rates low, minimizing the burden on the tax payer.

TITUS is securing partnerships with national and global leaders for this and other projects.  Find out more:

CFAX Interviews Barb Desjardin, about CRD Bullying Esquimalt into Compliance with the Biosolids Energy Centre

CRD needs a business plan that differentiates between building a sewage treatment plant in the middle of an existing community, and building a community centre around a water reclamation plant.  The latter can be built to generate the cash flow to offset the costs of the water reclamation plant and biosolids energy centre, and integrate the necessary safety systems.  Whereas, building a treatment plant in the middle of an existing community, the community is not equipped to meet the changes, and the CRD has spent $17million before it has gotten approval by the municipality, relying on the Victoria/Saanich CRD voting block to tell Esquimalt its in their best interests, to accept something they do not want.

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