CBC Radio - On The Island Story - Interviews TITUS President, Erik Lindquist

Capping the cost to the tax payer.  Discusses TITUS comprehensive development approach, to bring the capital to develop a mixed use development that integrates a water reclamation plant into the fabric of a commercial, retail, condominium development.  This will eliminate the upfront cost to the region and generate the cash flow to help offset the utility costs, and minimize the burden on the tax payer.

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CTV Interviews the President of TITUS and the Mayor of Esquimalt

Discusses TITUS Proposal to use McLoughlin Point to develop a mixed use development that creates the cash flow to offset the region's contribution and reduce the burden on the local tax payer.

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CHEK discusses TITUS proposal to transform McLoughlin Point from a disposal site into a destination.

Creating the highest and best uses for the region's greatest assets and the gateway to British Columbia and Canada.  Discusses TITUS proposal to take a disposal site and turn it into a destination site that generates the revenues to reduce the costs of the wastewater treatment plant and the burden on the region's tax payers. 

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