TITUS Gasification

TITUS Gasification makes it simple, fast and cost effective to deploy modular gasifiers to eliminate waste and turn it into valuable energy resources.  The TITUS Gasification platform provides an ideal anchor for communities that need to cost effectively deal with waste management or power issues and are striving to lower their carbon foot print. TITUS Gasification systems have been progressively improved to provide durable and dependable performance, as well as operational simplicity.

All of the modifications and adjustments resulted in superior performance as follows:

  • Production of a clean syngas fuel (consisting of methane, carbon monoxide, n-butane, ethane, hydrogen, and other trace combustible fractions).
  • Volume reduction in municipal solid waste streams of over 90% by volume, and over 80% by weight prior to recovering recyclables from the post-process residue. Higher volume and weight reductions in biomass.
  • Reduced residual Carbon in the post-process ash to below 7%.
  • Capability of uncomplicated post-process recovery of virtually 100% of all metals, glass, aluminum, and other recyclables in the original waste load for recycling
  • Simplistic system operations with minimal moving parts, which are easily operated and maintain.
  • Cost-effective to manufacture, install and commission.
  • Integrated computer logic control to insure peak operating performance without relying on human manipulation during the operating cycle.

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