Why work for TITUS

The TITUS Group of Companies is focused on solving global environmental problems by enabling our clients to make rapid step changes in measurable progress towards their environmental goals through the use of low cost, proven modular renewable technologies.

For too long communities have historically embraced expensive centralized utility infrastructure sized well beyond a societies current needs.  Because of the size and the sunk cost in infrastructure, communities are also slow to adopt new technologies.  Worse our cities are stuck with the bill for capacity that may never be used.  For communities that are at capacity, they are broke and in serious jeopardy.  Communities need a new and simpler way to deploy and pay for infrastructure.

TITUS Infrastructure believes that similar to improving human health the only way to long term sustainable environmental health is by controlled, incremental, changes towards long term measurable environmental goals.  We also believe that using proven, low cost, modular technologies makes it possible to start small, avoid high first costs, control critical success factors, and make incremental, measurable changes to the environmental and social health of our communities. 

A spin-off benefit of modular technologies is that they can be dropped into existing neighborhoods (boulevards, parkades, or under soccer pitches etc.) to address the water, energy and waste requirements on a subdivision or block basis.  Further, modular technologies means new innovations can be tested and integrated on a much smaller scale, reducing risk and go-to-market costs.  As modules are renewed with new technologies, the older proven modules can be repurposed to other projects, reducing the overall cost of renewable infrastructure, and enabling new technologies to come to market much sooner and with less risk to the investor and the community at large.

What the CEO is Looking For

TITUS is a growing business whose mission is to make it simple, fast and cost effective for our clients to deploy modular, renewable infrastructure.

TITUS is looking for people who can:

  • Take ownership of a portfolio of projects from concept to acceptance
  • Lead technological innovations
  • Develop and lead teams of internal staff, external partners and stakeholders
  • Take responsibility for corporate investment in core technologies and projects

Critical Success factors include candidates who:

  • Have a broad range of design and hands-on experience in an industrial context
  • Demonstrated track record of innovation and delivering projects on time and budget
  • Sold on the possibilities and potential of modular technologies and their ability to change the world
  • Have a demonstrated ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and effective manner

Current Opportunities

 Senior Process Engineer

J201601 Job Opportunity(s):Sr. Process Engineer / Sr. Utility Engineer
  Closing Date/Time:As roles and needs filled.
  Salary:Commensurate upon experience
  Job Type:Full time
  Location:The role(s) will be based out of Victoria, BC with travel to our manufacturing facility and client sites around the world.


Senior Engineer / General Manager

J201602 Job Opportunity(s):Sr. Engineer / General Manager
  Closing Date/Time:As roles and needs filled.
  Salary:Commensurate upon experience
  Job Type:Full time
  Location:The role(s) will be based out of Victoria, BC with travel to our manufacturing facility and client sites around the world.

Apply Now

Even if there are no current opportunities listed; if you have the skills and motivation to help TITUS make a real difference in the world, then tell us about it by sending your resume and cover letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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