Project: Integrated Water Reclamation and Heat Recovery for Shell Park Place - this project recovers over 2500MWh of thermal energy per year and 20 million gallons of water and saved the city over $9million from conventional infrastructure upgrades.  The proposed budget was $24 Million. TITUS was able install a modular wastewater treatment plant and heat recovery system for $14M.

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Project Name: Westhills - Sustainability on a Large Scale With over 350 single family homes connected, sharing of heating and cooling has reduced Westhills energy supply requirement by 50%. This project is a 210-hectare master planned community that will ultimately provide 6,000 residential homes and 5,000,000 square feet of commercial space...

Project Name: Whistler Athletes Village Award Winning Sustainability During the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Whistler Athletes Village DESS provided heating, cooling, and domestic hot water for 2800 athletes and now provides similar services for a community of 400 single family dwellings, condominiums, hotel, and hostel units...


TITUS is an international utility infrastructure services company that focuses on bringing a prospective partner from the concept of having a profitable renewable utility in their community or development to a reality as fast as possible, as cost effectively as possible.

“If renewable utilities are not profitable it will only result in the tax payer, paying more and more each year, as the utility is forced to go to the government for subsidies and grants or the regulator for higher rates.”

Many prospects are worried about the feasibility and the risk associated with renewable utilities; the TITUS Way is how TITUS provides value to our Development Partners while protecting the value of all stakeholders throughout the entire concept-design-build process.

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