Municipal & Regional Governments

TITUS partners with Municipalities, Counties and Regional Governments to develop green utilities that are funded by private capital and provide governments with royalty income and low cost connection and waste water treatment costs.  

TITUS makes it fast and cost effective for our clients to deploy modular renewable infrastructure. This means that taxpayers enjoy lower taxes and fees while supporting the very best of environmental practices.

TITUS DESS reduces potable water use by 40%, total energy use where deployed by 60% and GHG emissions by 70%.

Our focus at TITUS is to work with municipalities, local developers and utilities to create anchor opportunities for green utilities that:

1.    Partner with local firms, create local jobs, and create local tax dollars

2.    Start small, avoid high first costs, control critical success factors, and make incremental, measurable changes to the environmental and social health of our communities.

3.    Start matching the capital and operating cost of a utility infrastructure projects with the current and near term demand and revenues.

4.    Embrace an approach that allows us to scale up OR down to meet changing demands of a community.

5.    Manufacture modules offsite in one or more manufacturing facilities, and ship to site to maximize quality and speed of deployment.

6.    Maximize the environmental benefit of renewable infrastructure, while minimizing the cost to the taxpayer.

Working with local governments is a specialty of TITUS and we understand the desire to keep taxes low while providing excellent services.  TITUS can and will help you achieve environmentally sound solutions that make financial sense.

TITUS partners with local governments to help develop fully integrated energy and reclaimed water utilities to serve the needs of new developments and create anchor opportunities from which renewable utilities can be expanded into the community on a cash flow and fee for service basis.  

This combination of sound environmental and economic practice signals to one and all the progressive nature of your community.

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