TITUS consultants provide a variety of consulting services in support of renewable and environmental sensitive projects, including engineering, technical advisory services, environmental consulting, lean six sigma, and a variety of project and business management services.

TITUS Gasification makes it simple, fast and cost effective to deploy modular gasifiers to eliminate waste and turn it into valuable energy resources.  The TITUS Gasification platform provides an ideal anchor for communities that need to cost effectively deal with waste management or power issues and are striving to lower their carbon foot print. TITUS Gasification systems have been progressively improved to provide durable and dependable performance, as well as operational simplicity.

The TITUS District Energy Sharing System (DESS) is designed to provide green energy and reclaimed water to a specific development or municipality. The DESS will significantly reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions as well as provide long-term energy and water costs for all of the connected buildings and facilities. 

TITUS has developed a suite of products and services to ensure the successful development of new projects and communities. We have looked at the different aspects of a development project and have created incentives for each of the potential stakeholders. The approach is based on trying to establish sustainable, fulfilling communities while reducing costs, investment requirements and risk.

In addition to turnkey projects, TITUS can design and build utilities on a fee for service or partnership basis, where developers or municipalities wish to operate their own facilities.  This involves a licensing the TITUS Platform and includes complete consulting service to ensure the optimum chance for economic and environmental success for those who want to operate independently.

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